The Evaluation of Cross-Border Cooperation in the EU

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17 iunie 2015

Cross – Border Cooperation. Methodology of the evaluation

European cross boder cooperation has taken many forms, the most common used today being that of the Euroregions – proven many times to lack efficiency in obtaining the proposed cross boder objectives – while more recent forms of cooperation are that of territorial cooperation and EGTC.  At the cross border level structural funds are implemented through European funded projects and the European Neighbourhood Policy that applies to countries outside the EU.

Academic aim

Operational concepts specific to the field of cross border cooperation and using methodology specific to evaluation of cross border cooperation models in the EU, specifically at the EU’s Eastern border. Once familiarized with methods and instruments specific to cross boder cooperation evaluation, students can develop competences and the ability to offer solutions to improve cross boder cooperation.

Learning objectives: the course aims to develop abilities and competences specific to specialists in cross boder cooperation such as: interrelation, capacity to analyze, interpret and research subjects that have to do with cross border space, knowledge on programs and policies that affect this field in order to generate an efficient evaluation process of cross boder cooperation using methods techniques and instruments that are specific to this field.

Structure of the course

  1. Cross border cooperation evolution: types, instruments, institutions and organisations
  2. Good practice models on cross border cooperation
  3. Types of cross border cooperation: Euroregions
  4. New forms of territorial cooperation: European Teritorial Cooperation Groups
  5. Instruments used in European cross border cooperation
  6. European policy on cross boder cooperation
  7. European, national, local and cross border institutions
  8. Cross boder cooperation evaluation methods
  9. Instruments of cross border cooperation evaluation
  10. Study case on cross boder cooperation: Hungary – Romania 2007-2013 cross boder cooperation program, Bulgaria – Romania 2007-2013 cross border cooperation program