The Evaluation of Cross-Border Cooperation in the EU

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16 iunie 2015


horga_iProfessor PhD in History, Director of the Institute for Euro-regional Studies (Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence at the University of Oradea) and a Jean Monnet Professor since 2002. He is editor – in-chief of  Eurolimes journal. He is interested in the history of European integration, EU enlargement, regional policy, neighborhood  policy . Since 2006, he has been the Secretary General of  the Association of the Carpathian  Region Universities. He is the Dean of the Faculty  of History, International Relations, Political Science and Communication Science at the University of Oradea. Competences: Euro-regional studies, social security, inter-ethnic and inter-confessional relations, intercultural dialogue, migration, cross-border relations and evaluation. He coordinates doctoral theses in the field of international relations . Didactic competences: History of Europe in 18th – 20th Centuries; History of European Construction; European Regional Development  Policy and Cross-border Cooperation; European Neighborhood Policy.